• I Hate that I Love Amazon...

    What Amazon has created is incredible. I am not able to fully extricate myself from the drug that is Prime, but the horrible gift that 2020 gave me was insight into the role I was playing within my community.  When the global supply chain collapsed I had no choice but to reflect on the systems I had supported in the past and whether or not I would continue to support them or begin to throw my financial weight towards fortifying local businesses and systems.
  • Gift-giving for the Socially Conscious Canadian

    I knew, first-hand, the struggles that craftspeople and artisans were experiencing and I also knew that we weren't likely to go back to the way things had been. So what if there was an alternative that could take the place of in-person markets? The Guild Box is my way of securing the future of the talented Ontarians displaced by conglomerates - I am going to grow a community that celebrates and supports the hard work and creativity of our neighbours.