All of my nieces and nephews live at least an hours drive from me and most aren't in the same province. Visits with friends and family need weeks or months of planning. Sometimes the distance is overwhelming.

When the pandemic hit I was constantly looking for clever gifting options for birthdays, but as the months dragged on, I began looking for ways to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Tuesday! I needed a place where I could find cool, meaningful gifts for any occasion and I needed that place to be in Canada to avoid supply chain issues. I'm not saying that I didn't find gifts or that there's a lack of local options, only that I spent so much time searching and often felt that I 'settled'. 


Before launching The Guild Box, I had been a metal-smithing student for three years. The pandemic cancelled all of my classes and supply chain interruptions meant I couldn't restock metals easily. Art shows, craft fairs and vendor markets were cancelled which meant that I couldn't sell my work. Dozens of artisans that I had met along the way were in the same position. I needed to do something.


But why call it 'The Guild Box'?

Guilds were originally created as a  means for like-minded, similarly trained individuals to gather for mutual success and protection. Members understood that together, regardless of competition, they were stronger. Guilds were also places where artistic abilities and craftsmanship were celebrated and nurtured. 

In todays globalized economy, consumers can find what they want, faster and at a cheaper price. Today, very few artisans can support themselves or their families on their craft alone. Blacksmiths, potters, apothecaries, for example, create during their leisure time and sell their pieces at craft fairs and art shows.

I'm going to change that.

My goal is to create a place where high quality, locally made items can be purchased year-round. A website whose purpose is to provide unique and thoughtful gifting options as well as create a stable income source for local entrepreneurs.

The Guild Box Co. is an online gift box service whose handcrafted products come exclusively from local small businesses. Together we've created a gift giving opportunity that provides quality and meaning while supporting over a dozen small businesses.

Every purchase directly supports artisans and craftspeople in Ontario. Thank you for being a champion of small businesses.


To grow the Canadian small business online shopping experience by exposing customers to small Ontario businesses through an effortless enjoyable gifting experience.


To be the preferred online gifting service for socially conscious Canadians who value shopping local and supporting small businesses.

Our Values

Loyalty, Value, Trust, Engagement, Enjoyable, Integrity, Excellence, Consistency, Ownership, Accountability, Transparency, and Success.