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Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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Shower Steamers are the perfect option for those of us who may not have a bath tub but still want a spa-like experience.

Choose to create your shower retreat one of relaxation, revitalization or refreshment with lavender, citrus or eucalyptus scented steamers. 

'Breathe' - Whether you have sinus congestion or simply need a morning wake-up call, a eucalyptus and menthol shower steamer is your new best friend.

'Relax' - When you desperately need a moment to yourself, hop into a shower and let the stress melt away with a lavender shower steamer.

'Revive' - Do mornings seem particularly hard? The fresh scents of citrus fruits are sure to brighten your day.

Simply place one steamer on your shower floor and enjoy the aroma as it melts. We recommend using one steamer per shower, but we welcome you to keep a second steamer handy if you’d like to linger!

Each package comes with 6 eucalyptus-menthol, 6 lemon-lime, or 6 lavender shower steamers.

Caution! The high load of essential oils used in this product make it unsafe for use as a bath bomb. Use for aromatherapy purposes as instructed, only.

Handmade by Charleston Botanicals in The Outlet at Charleston Lake.


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